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11 years in the making

How it all began…

A born-and-raised Cape Town girl with nothing more than passion, a love for animals and a dream. Together with my unique set of gifts, my personality, my great sense of humour and most importantly ,my heart. I’m proud to create dog products that are unique and brilliantly tailored for dogs.
I’m Farian, the Founder of Mutcho. I have been working in the dog bed industry for pretty much most of my life

One of the questions I’m often asked is “How did you get started in all of this?”

From humble beginnings,
I returned to Cape Town in 2004, after spending a year travelling abroad in the USA. Upon my surprised return, Dad needed some help at his wood working factory. I filled in where I could, Secretary, Sales, Deliveries and mostly the manufacturing.
Dads’ factory created round dowels used in broom sticks, furniture, bird ladders etc. Times were very hard and Dad recommended I find something to make where I could earn my own income. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be fully independent. So I started to make wooden off the floor dog beds.

The sales started…

And off to the craft markets I went. Every weekend promoting my beds. Eventually having 3 sizes available. Customers requested a bigger bed to accommodate Great Danes and Boer boels, however the frame for the wooden beds wasn’t going to be able to withstand their weight. So out came our jumbo wooden bed. Like a mini bed with a mattress

Made with love and care

Every bed was made by myself. From glueing the raw wood, to rounding, filling, drilling, sanding and spraying. Since I studied fashion design I was also able to sew up the covers as well. Each bed was like a piece of furniture and I took pride in every one. Customers valued the quality and the longevity of such a beautiful Dog bed.
I soon realised should the demand get bigger I needed to get the beds out faster. It took approximately an entire day to make 1 wooden bed frame.
I became insatiably curious to find a quicker solution. I began to research and came across corner pieces for aluminium. Now my bed was rustproof, lightweight, durable except for the canvas. The canvas at the time was really a strong quality however overtime it didn’t withstand the rough and tough of some dogs. So back to research again.
I then came across the strongest canvas available, weaved with little squares, should the claw go through it, it will only tear to the next block and waterproof

And then…..

The Mutcho Bunker Dog Bed was born.

A top class product where only the best materials are used and every piece of the bed is fully replaceable. All made in the Heart of Cape Town, South Africa
My sales started to increase and I was able to keep up with the supply and demand.
I became a “Multi-Passionate Entrepeneur” because I didnt and never will fit into a conventional box

Decades of experience

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.
I am excited for the journey ahead
With all my Love xxx